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About LIDA

       LIDA means “striving  to achieve” in Chinese. For the past thirty years, this motto has fueled our  daily endeavors—we are not satisfied until we have achieved perfection in our  product and service.
       Since the founding of  Zhejiang LIDA Electric Appliance Co. Ltd. in 1987, we have grown and developed  a strong confidence in our products and in our client relations. Our products  and services tell the story of a trusted auto parts manufacturer that has gradually  gained manufacturing prowess and cultivated meaningful relationships with  companies around the world. Our many partners can recount how much we care  about reliably providing faultless finished products. Driven by our desire for  excellence, we always focus on collective growth and our quest to become the  best and most enduring supplier of automotive parts in the world.

       A simple glance at  our catalog of products reveals our status as a premier manufacturer of wiring  harnesses, connectors, terminals, combination switches, brake handlebars, and  handlebar sheaths for cars and motorcycles. We ensure quality through the  painstaking execution of polished manufacturing procedures we developed over  the past decades. Even if it's at great cost, we do not rush or resort to  fast-fix solutions. Our reputation is built by our integrity and obsession with  creating the highest-quality mechanical parts in efforts to increase the  overall quality of the finished vehicle. We want our products to impact the  lives of our consumers by powering their cars reliably and safely for as long  as possible. Every one of our products gives us an important opportunity to  make this impact.
        LIDA aims to deliver  dependable manufacturing services that stand the test of time. With this goal  in mind, we are constantly researching the latest materials and experimenting  with technological innovation to make our parts more functional and durable. We  put our parts through extensive testing and refine our manufacturing processes  continuously. Thus, Lida knows the tried and true and continues to accumulate  our arsenal of manufacturing knowledge.

       Customer satisfaction  is one of our highest priorities. Thus, we focus on clear and close  communication to ensure that we know what our clients want and they are happy  with all final products. Also, we are consistently investing in upgrading our  manufacturing capacity and technologies, so we can fulfill orders quickly  without sacrificing quality. Our first and second plants are opened in Wenzhou,  but since then, we have expanded to plants in Shanghai and Guangzhou, allowing  us to scale our products and meet the needs of more clients. While we are  steadily opening new locations and increasing our client base, the  effectiveness of our management and R&D capabilities is constantly being  improved by new talents. By purchasing state-of-the-art equipment and  machinery, Lida continues to boost its speed and capacity for producing  high-quality parts even further.
       Along with our  mission to sculpt ourselves into an outstanding manufacturer, we are committed  to supporting our employees and our local communities. Our plants have created  hundreds of jobs for locals and become the backbone of the local economy. We  have been actively donating to Wenzhou's local infrastructure and education  projects throughout the years. Our plants offer great working environments,  competitive salaries, rigorous training, and numerous recreational activities.  We are deeply invested in creating a strong sense of community that nurtures  harmony and camaraderie. We believe that by enhancing the lives of our  employees and the local community, our company will excel.
       We welcome the  opportunity to work with new automotive manufacturers, and we would love to  talk with you about how we can support your company!

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